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Iain Sinclair -- My Favourite London Devils

Iain Sinclair -- My Favourite London Devils

Iain Sinclair -- My Favourite London Devils

Iain Sinclair -- My Favourite London Devils

Iain Sinclair -- My Favourite London Devils

Iain Sinclair -- My Favourite London Devils

Iain Sinclair Dave McKean Patrick Hamilton

Iain Sinclair Dave McKean Jack Kerouac

Iain Sinclair Dave McKean J.G. Ballard

Iain Sinclair Dave McKean Angela Carter

Iain Sinclair Dave McKean Arthur Machen

Iain Sinclair -- My Favourite London Devils

Iain Sinclair -- My Favourite London Devils


Iain Sinclair -- Collected Essays

Iain Sinclair -- My Favourite London Devils

A Gazetteer of Encounters with Local Scribes, Elective Shamen & Unsponsored Keepers of the Sacred Flame

with specially commissioned illustrations by Dave McKean


Here is a delirious gathering of some of the writers, living and dead, who haunt Iain Sinclair and who inform his own London books. A party at the end of time where familiar ghosts line up to tell their overlapping stories. My Favourite London Devils is a gazetteer of influences and enthusiasms. A charge sheet. And a fragmented autobiography laid out through a series of portraits as picaresque as John Aubrey’s Brief Lives. Sinclair has assembled an accidental novel in the form of a dictionary of unreliable memories, passionate critiques and interviews with the London writers he has met and admired, or recovered, secondhand, from street markets and the recommendations of wandering untenured librarians. We encounter established London authorities: Peter Ackroyd, Michael Moorcock, JG Ballard, Angela Carter. We pay our respects to the eternally rediscovered: Patrick Hamilton and Alexander Baron. And the reforgotten: Roland Camberton and Robert Westerby. Lives become books. And books become a city. The devils are out there, waiting.

FULL LIST OF WRITERS: Peter Ackroyd, J.G. Ballard, Alexander Baron, Roland Camberton, Angela Carter, B. Catling, Joseph Conrad, Arthur Conan Doyle, Patrick Hamilton, John Healy, Thomas Homes, Jack Kerouac, Arthur Machen, Michael Moorcock, Robert Westerby. All are illustrated by Dave McKean, plus one of Mr Sinclair.

These pieces were previously published in the Guardian, New Statesman, Beat Scene, London Review of Books, etc. and are gathered together for the first time.

"In these rollicking vignettes of London literary men Sinclair unearths the corpses of forgotten writers, breathing life back into them and into their dusty works."
The Irish Times

"Here, spanning the last two centuries, the capital is presented in fact and fiction. We are led from the London of Sherlock Holmes to the one we experience today, captured in a rather poignant section on the 2005 London bombings. With a gentle mix of humour and nostalgia, the changing face of the city is hinted at as we learn that the pub where Jack Kerouac enjoyed stout and Welsh Rarebit is now an outlet of the fast-food chain Leon... And, without a doubt, Sinclair’s intention of capturing the city through the works and writers that mean something, have meant something, to him, is an exciting one."
Hackney Citizen

"In My Favourite London Devils, Iain Sinclair takes the reader on a tour through a London that barely exists in a collection of reviews, interviews and essays that’s an enjoyable and occasionally informative read... A devilishly engaging tour through literary London."
Morning Star

"It (Burley Fisher Books) was packed for the recent launch of Sinclair’s new book My Favourite London Devils, a collection of essays dedicated to authors who, like himself, found their muse in London. Written over the past decade and a half, these pieces were recovered from storage and revised by Sinclair. Read together, they prove yet again that London is an inexhaustible theme, and that Sinclair’s take on it never stands still, mirroring the city in flux."
Times Literary Supplement

"Part memoir, part field guide, My Favourite London Devils memorialises the weird and disreputable history of the capital’s authors, through anecdotes, criticism and biographical essays. Described by the author as ‘a party at the end of time where familiar ghosts line up to tell their overlapping stories’, Sinclair brings together the celebrated (JG Ballard, Angela Carter) with the ‘eternally rediscovered’ (Alexander Baron, Roland Camberton); the overall effect is a form of literary psychogeography, in which Sinclair chases down shadows, legends and pseudonyms, highlighting the briefly recognised and discovering where they intersect with unlikely stars such as Maughan and Burroughs."

Iain Sinclair was born in 1943 in Cardiff, and studied at Trinity College, Dublin, the Courtauld Institute of Art, and the London School of Film Technique. His early work was poetry, published by his own Albion Village Press. He was connected to the British avant-garde poetry scene in the 1960s and 70s involving J. H. Prynne, Douglas Oliver and Brian Calting. The city of London is central to his work, and his books tell a psychogeography of London involving numerous characters such as those found in this book. His non-fiction works include Lights Out for the Territory: 9 Excursions in the Secret History of London (1997); Rodinsky’s Room (1999), with Rachel Lichtenstein; London Orbital: A Walk Around the M25 (2002); Edge of the Orison (2005), a reconstruction of the poet John Clare’s walk from Epping Forest to Helpston, near Peterborough; and London Overground (2015). His novels include Downriver (1991); Landor’s Tower (2001); White Goods (2002); Dining on Stones (2004); and Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire (2009), which was shortlisted for the 2010 Ondaatje Prize. Iain Sinclair lives in Hackney, East London.

Dave McKean is an award-winning English illustrator, graphic novelist, photographer, designer, filmmaker and musician. His work incorporates drawing, painting, photography, collage, found objects, digital art and sculpture. He has published many graphic novels, including Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash (a 14-18 Now Foundation/Imperial War Museum/LICAF commission) and Cages, which was reissued in 2016 with an introduction by Terry Gilliam. He has also collaborated with Neil Gaiman, Richard Dawkins, Heston Blumenthal, Ray Bradbury, David Almond and John Cale. He has produced book and album covers for Stephen King, Roy Harper, Alice Cooper, Rolling Stones and Alan Moore, amongst many others. He has written and directed three feature films: Mirrormask, The Gospel of Us (two Cymru Baftas) and Luna (Raindance Best Feature, BIFA ). Dave McKean lives on the Isle of Oxney in Kent.


208 pages. Format approx. 6"/150mm wide x 9"/230mm tall. Full colour cover;
acid-free text paper. Includes b&w versions of all sixteen specially commissioned illustrations by Dave McKean, with his 'Catacombs' image on the front cover.
ISBN: 978-1-910691-17-5 £10.00

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General Information: 242 pages. Pinched Crown format, approx. 7”/175mm wide, 10”/250mm tall. Handbound at the Tangerine workshop with cloth-covered acid-free boards, conservation glue and hemp cord; foil embossed front cover artwork; colour title page. Full colour illustrations in this edition only. 100 numbered/signed/artwork and 26 lettered/signed/artwork copies available for sale. ISBN: 978-1-910691-16-8

Signed limited edition of 126 numbered & lettered copies for sale.

100 Numbered/signed/artwork copies:
Fully bound in Lewis Blue cloth; front cover artwork embossed in gold; Hahnemuhle Lana brown endpapers; 100% recycled, acid-free text paper. Specially commissioned artwork by Dave McKean includes bound in 'Catacombs' image on Mohawk Superfine paper, alongside sixteen full colour illustrations.

Signed by the author. £50.00 plus p&p


26 Lettered/signed/signed artwork copies:

Quarter bound with Hahnenuhle Lana red paper covered boards and Japanese burgundy spine; front cover artwork embossed in black; 100% recycled, acid-free text paper. Canson Mi-Tientes black endpapers. Specially commissioned artwork by Dave McKean includes bound in and signed 'Catacombs' image on Mohawk Superfine paper, which forms part of the 3-page ‘stepped’ front endpapers—the other page colours being black and red. Also includes all sixteen full colour illustrations.

Signed by the author and illustrator. £150.00 plus p&p